KingdomCome is all about those at New Vine Lakes taking the kingdom message of Jesus to the nations and partner with mission projects on the front line, locally and globally. 

When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, He said to pray that God’s Kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven.  If we are called to a life of mission, then we are called to invite God’s Kingdom to come in every corner of the earth.

We aim to do this by developing a kingdom culture in our church, that keeps us looking outwards and reaching the lost. To grow people’s faith and align hearts for reaching the broken. For everyone to actively engage with the missions we support. We have found that those who are invested financially are more likely to be invested in support through prayer and going on mission trips. They become more aware of those they know who are far from God, more expectant for God’s Kingdom to come, and more expectant that God can use them.

New Vine Lakes have adopted a select number of missions that we feel led to invest into with expectant prayer, generous gifts, and partnering together for His Kingdom to Come.

Through KingdomCome you have the opportunity to make an eternal difference in reaching villages in Gombe State in Nigeria that have never heard the gospel; extend your reach with Depression and Hope Newcastle to those who suffer depression; bring reform into the Fijian prisons and outlying communities; transform the lives of the impoverished in West Timor – and so much more. Our partners would be unable to support their mission work without your generosity.

The joy of sharing the news of a newborn baby; or telling a patient they are cancer-free; or calling parents with the good news that their lost child is found; are all messages that any messenger would love to carry. How much more so for the messenger who shares the news of debts cancelled, and peace with God.  

Messengers of hope have such a rich and powerful message, that the feet that carry the message are even considered beautiful.

I don’t know about you, but my feet are not beautiful. But, the message I have been entrusted to give, will even cause the harshest critic to declare my feet beautiful. If I were to focus on the ugliness of my feet, I may never deliver the message. And, sadly, too many people are fixed on their feet, rather on the beauty of the message. If the church understood just how beautiful a message they have been given, they would find every reason to share it.

You are only one step away from sharing in the beauty.

    Become a Partner

    STEP 1

    Prepare your feet to share the good news.

    STEP 2

    Pray for your response.

    STEP 3

    Become a partner.

    $7,500 Christian Faith Ministries – Nigeria Mission outpost to Gombe State
    $9,500 Operation Foundation – Fiji
    $9,000 Scripture (SRE) at Warners Bay High
    $3,000 Depression and Hope
    $3,750 Healing Path to Wellness
    $2,000 Compassion: West Timor – Critical Intervention: Malnutrition
    $1,000 Care packages for mission workers
    $35,750 TOTAL TARGET

    New Vine Lakes is committed to our three missions overseas and three locally to take the good news to the people. This allows each of the missions to bring the message of God without charge to those they are reaching.  We ask you to give over and above your tithe to the church, to support our partners on the front line of mission work.  Your financial gift makes it possible for the Kingdom to extend into places that have never received the gospel of Jesus our Lord.

    KingdomCome is all about those at New Vine Lakes taking the kingdom message of Jesus to the nations and partner with mission projects on the front line, locally and globally.